Why Made to Order?

Made-to-order means Poésie by Julie can give you the choice to have the item you desire in commercial sizing, or customized to your specifications. Whether you are petite, taller, or want a looser fit - it's important to get the fit right.

Opposite to a made-to-stock or ‘off the rack’ model, Made-to-order drastically reduces the potential for wastage or surplus stock, abiding to Poésie by Julie’s strong belief of being an environmentally conscious and sustainable brand. Making the garments once we receive the orders, rather than presuming and guessing the demand adheres to being a slow fashion label.

Poésie by Julie believes in challenging fast fashion, to push consumer habits to change the perception of how quickly items should be available. These small drawbacks, such as a longer wait to receive a Poésie by Julie piece, seems tiny when comparing to the negative effects caused by over-production. Vast quantities of stock in the fashion industry go unsold each year and end up in a landfill, releasing harmful gases into our atmosphere. In worse cases, unsold stock is burnt, creating even more harm to our environment. Made-to-Order offers a desirable alternative to the Made-to-Stock model for sustainability.